The guys of the newly formed AO The Bear were nice enough to let YHC guest Q their great Saturday spot at New Bern High School. YHC had attended the inaugural Bear workout about 5 weeks prior and was anxious and ready to get back. YHC was up early and had 30 minutes on the drive to fine tune the hour of pain that was soon to come. The skies were bright and crisp and the wind was howling. The men were there and ready to go.

Mosey to front door of the high school for warm up. 12x good mornings, 12x mountain climbers, 12x standard merkins, 12 Imperial walkers. Mosey over to practice field. Get a partner. P1 bearcrawls half of the field then sprints the rest. 10 burpees on other side and run back. P2 stays home for dying cockroaches until P1 returns. Flapjack. Plankhold down the line for a 10 count per each man. Again, this time with crawlbear halfway and 10x merkins on other side and back. P2 American Hammers until P1 returns and flapjack. 10 count plankhold down the line per man. Again, gorilla hop halfway over and 10x starjumps on other side and back. P2 Lbc’s and flapjack. 10 count plank hold down the line per man.

Indian run out and around school campus. Stopped halfway to pick up the 6. Squathold while waiting. Jogged around to breezeway and partner up again. Lazy Dora. 100 incline merkins, 200 dips, 300 squats. As a team. One man is doing the exercises towards to totals, the other is LBC’s and flapjack. This took a while and the men stayed focused. Up Early was the mumblechatter king of this morning and provided some inspiring music during this part of the beatdown. Squathold until group is done.

Mosey over to wall. Peoples chair 10 count down the line. Balls to the wall 5 count down the line. Jog back to starting parking lot. Paint the lines down and back. Jog back to practice field. Line up in plank for some Carolina Choo-Choo. Each man goes 2x down the line.

Mary: Freddie Mercury’s x 20, Boat/Canoe until YHC was beat.

COT and Prayers.

NM: this is a great group of guys. Really. Lots of effort and guys already jawing at one another. Some fun and laughs mixed in with sweat. New Bern already has 3 AO’s in 2 months. Incredible. Coffeteria afterward at Carolina Bagel. YHC looks forward to his next visit to the Bern.