The VSP was planted in the early morning gloom and the faithful gathered to enjoy their humpday pain.


Warm Up
1/3 Mile Jog to Soccer Field
20 SSH
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Imperial Walkers
10 Arm Circles X 2 Alternating Forth and Back
20 Merkins
10 Diamond Merkins
15 SSH
15 Wide Angle Merkins
10 Count Mid-Plank Hold
Jog to Pavillion
3 Times Rinse, Wash, Repeat
10 Count Tricep Dip
10 Picnic Lunges X 2 Alternating Legs
Jog to Football Field
60 yd. Heels to Hinds
5 X 60 yd. Sprint (30 second rest in between)
6m, 30 s of Mary
Alternating Oblique Crunches
Hello Dolly
6 Inch Hold
Freddy Mercury
Standard Crunch
Jog to Money Hose’s House of Cats
4 Times, Rinse, Wash Repeat
Team 1–Wall Sits
Team 2–Sprint ‘Round the House of Cats
Team 1–Sprint ‘Round the House of Cats
Team 2–Wall Sits
Jog to Hill with a View
High Plank
Pete Chilcutt
Sarkozy on the Left
Putin on the Right
Low Plank
Question of the Day: Most Memorable Sporting Event Attended:
Money Hose–Redskins v. Cowboys circa 1992
Howard–Bruins v. Flyers circa long time ago.  Howard ejected for fighting.
Wonk–Organize Table Tennis Tournament; Fired for Calling it Ping Pong
CK–Skating in Salt Lake Olympic Opening Ceremonies
Magic Goggles–Ty Detmer’s and BYU’s win over Miami
Linda–Payne Stewart’s 18th Green Victory at U.S. Open on Pinehurst No. 2
Charles Carter–Michael Johnson’s 200 M victory at Atlanta Olympics
King David–Davidson’s nailbiting loss to Kansas in Detroit Rock City
t-claps for King David coming back for more pain after his Saturday FNG inauguration.
t-claps for Money Hose instituting the circle count (each PAX counts in turn)
Not one FEBA today, but a handful of Bastard shout outs.  Lots of good energy and 11 men giving it all they had.