The shovelflag was planted and the faithful gathered eager to begin another weekend.


Run to pain island
SSH, imperial walkers, Merkins, diamonds, wide arms
Robert plant the stairs
Walking lunges, plank
Run to parking lot for burpees and partner carry x2
Hill sprints w burpees and planks
Run to gazebo for ssh, dips step ups
Run to amphitheater for 6 minutes of mary led by Fozie
Flutter, crunches, hello dolly, freddy mercury, peter parker
Run to playground for plankorama
Plank, putin, sarkozy, plank, chillkut, up/down
Indian run
Amphitheater for jump ups, incline/decline merkins

The Moleskin

tclaps to Fozie for stepping up and leading 6 minutes of Mary
WendleGee was lacking respect and had to plank during recovery, lessons learned
Grumblings about the workout included, “This reminds me of when Dredd was leading” and “The hardest workout yet”.
The weekly challenge was issued for 100 burpees and 200 pushups throughout the week.
4 FNG’s who all kept up with the workout.  I expect at least 2 of them to come back regularly.
tclaps to Allie for showing up consistently and making huge improvements in fitness.