Two shovel flags were planted for the launch of the Raleigh weekday installment.  Money Hose led the way and had the PAX suckin’ gloom most of the morning.
Warm up
 1/4 mile run
20 Side Straddle Hops
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Arm Circles (forward and backwards)
12 Standard Merkins
3 Times (rinse wash repeat)
Q-Dog with High Plank Finish (run btw Shovel Flag and tree line at top of Hamburger Hill)
Jog to Swingset
3 Times (rinse wash repeat)
10 Chainsaws
10 Minesweepers (aka “I am Superman”)
Jog to Stone Circle
3 Times (rinse wash repeat)
Bunny hops up the Wild Man from the Black Country’s Stone Stairway
Run back to Stone Circle
2 Times (rinse wash repeat)
8 Squat Jumps (aka Box Jumps) on amphitheater benches
8 Tricep Dips
Jog to Soccer Field
Plankarama: Standard Plank, Pete Chilcutt (aka Ranzino Smith aka Steve Bucknall), Low Plank, 10 Hand to Chest Planks
6 Minutes of Mary:  Freddy Mercury, V-Ups, Rosalitas, Hello Dolly, Standard Crunch
Jog to Football Field
The Scrambler
20 yds — Bear Crawl (20 yd sprint back to start line)
20 yds — Broad Jump (20 yd sprint back to start line)
20 yds — wheelbarrows with partner (alternate)
20 yds — Bobby Petrinos with partner (alternate)
20 yds — Fireman’s carry with partner (alternate)
Jog to Shovel Flag
20 Side Straddle Hops
10 Count Pike
10 Count Left Leg Lunge Stretch
10 Count Right Leg Lunge Stretch
The Moleskin-
A good turn out for the official launch for the hump day downpainment.
T-claps to White shoe for Larry Birding on the bear crawl.
Excessive t-claps to Money Hose for stepping up as QIC for weekday mornings.
A nice location with plenty of space to do the THANG.