SSH, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Good mornings, Windmills
Run up the hill, 2 laps of walking lunges followed by plank
Run to Parking lot for 2 sets of mini hops and quick feet
Run down to amphitheatre for 100’s: 100 pushups, squats, dips with a partner (plank while you wait)
Run to Pain Island for Merkins: regular, diamonds, staggeredx2, then pullups with partner
Run up the hill for 3 laps of Rocky Balboa
Mary: flutter kicks, hello dolly, v ups, slow/high flutter kicks, freddy mercury, long leg hold
Run back to shovel flag for COT

t-claps for Wonk for naming Rocky Balboa (our Jacobs Ladder hill run up, but circle around the park and run down another hill)
t-claps for Wonk for counting down in Spanish!
‘Bastard’ was called out frequently, oxygen supplies were low, the PAX left in serious pain
We had one FNG leave half way through, but big props to Madoff for sticking with it to the end!