The Shovelflag was planted up the hill and the faithful entered the gloom ready for some punishment.  Money Hose was glad to dish it out.


Warm Up
1/4 Mile Run
20 Side Shuffle Hops
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Imperial Walkers
Jog Around Tennis Courts
Standard Run X 1
Heels to Tail X 1
High Knees X 1
Side Shuffle Right X 1
Side Shuffle Left X 1
4 Line Tennis Court Suicides X 4
Jog Up Hamburger HIll to Hill with a View 

Modified PushaRama With Squat Interlude

Two Global Repetitions as follows:

Standard Merkin X 5
Diamond Merkin X 5
Wide Merkin X 5
Staggered Left X 5
Staggered Right X 5
No Rest Between 5 Rep Sets; Rest for 15 Seconds Upon Completion of Entire Series 

Body Weight Squat X 15
Right Leg Rearward Lunge X 12
Left Leg Rearward Lunge X 12
No Rest Between Squat Rep Sets; Rest for 30 Seconds Upon Completion of Entire Series 

Jog to Picnic Pavillion 

Tricep Dips X 12
Tricep Dips X 12
Tricep Dips X 12
Alternating Step Ups on Picnic Benches X 20
Tricep Dips X 12 (Bonus)
Jog to Stone Circle 

Standard Plank
Pete Chilcutt
MoneyHose Special:  Standard Plank with Right Leg, Left Arm off Ground; switch
V Ups
HIgh Leg Raises
Aternating Oblique Crunches
Jacobs Ladder
Run from Picnic Pavillion towards Stone Circle, up amphitheater benches to Shovel Flag planted high on the hill in the morning sun.  Do increasing burpees at the top.  Run back down to the Pavillioin.  5 Times for 5 Burpees on the last run.
TClaps to Pax for owning the Jacobs Ladder at the end.  That was not easy for any of us.
 TClaps to Crotch Rocket, who was sporting a Jordi LaForge weight vest and Larry Birding the Field.
 TClaps to our 4 FNGs for Staying in the Fight.  Not a low intensity day for sure.