A full moon smiled on the faithful gathering in the chilly gloom at Pullen Park.  Two of the Charlotte faithful were in town for visits to family over the weekend and graced us with their presence.  CK welcomed all and set us off at for a great workout.

Run, SSH x20, Windmills, Merkins
Run to tennis courts for: suicides, high knees, butt kickers, lunges, karioke
Run around park and climb down/up the boulders
Pair up for 100 pushups, dips, squats (alternating as a team)
Run to center circle for SSH and Imperial Walker
Up the hill for 6 minutes of Mary (led by Howard!!)
– flutter kicks, rosalitas, hello dolly, lots of crunches, tummy lifts, superman
Run down to Pawleys Island (formerly push-o-rama) for Plank-o-rama
– 40 count regular, chillcut, regular
– 40 count each Hello to Putin, Hello to Sarkosy
Run to amphitheater for jump ups
Back to the stone circle for peter parkers and parker peters


A weekend with a lot of traveling, but the faithful show up every week.  This week we made the arms and shoulders turn into Jello, had everybody gasping for air after the suicides, and most importantly we all kept up at a similar pace.  We tasted pain in the Plank-o-Rama, 6 minutes of Mary and the sets of 100.

T-claps for Howard for leading the group in 6 minutes of Mary
T-claps for the group on committing to a lot of goals for the month of April!
T-claps to CK for leading us on another great workout and continuing to step up the pain.