This morning’s gloom was illuminated by flashing blue lights,  as FNG Citation brought two of Raleigh’s finest to the shovel flag.  Apparently a rolling stop and out of date registration is enough to warrant the attention of two officers.  Choosing not to join in the morning’s festivities, the officers headed off into the gloom in search of other dangerous criminals.  Citation did his penance during plank-o-rama.


SSH, Imperial Walker, Merkins, Windmills
Robert Plant Stairs x4
Walking lunges
Burpee Lesson (4 count, 8 count, military count)
5 rounds of tag team plank/parking lot run
To the Gazebo for what ended up as replacement for push-o-rama
2 rounds of: dips,bench jumps,incline merkins
2 short rounds of: decline merkins,carolina dry docks
run down hill to amphitheater for 6 minutes of mary
flutter kicks, high flutter kicks, hello dolly, crunches, freddy mercury, frogs, raised leg hold
2 laps of Indian run around the parking lot
back to original circle for plank-o-rama
regular, chilkut, putin,sarkozy,pushup planks


Tclaps to Citation or FNG who was mixed up with the law while pulling into the parking lot.  We thought he had invited a couple other FNG’s in uniforms.
3 FNG’s and not much recovery or gloom time.  Many guys fell out during the counts and we applaud them for sticking with it to the end.
Tclaps to Magic Goggles for picking great names today.