The morning sun shone brightly on the shovel flag and 19 stepped up to answer the call.

Jog to grassy knoll for warm ups


Mountain Climbers

Emperial Walkers


Run to the top of the NCSU east parking deck.

Moving deck chairs –


Running backwards

Kareoke both sides and running backwards

Bear crawl,Walking lunges/ backward lunges


Run down the parking deck, then up and down the stairs. And on to Pawley’s Island for a little Happy Birthday Wendell G push-o-rama

Merkins x21

Wide Arm Merkins x8

Burpees x10


Run to the land of Mary (In descending sets 15-10-5)

Hello Dolly

Freddie Mercury


Long leg hold


Circle of Burpees

Stretching followed by low squat



We welcome our brother from Charlotte, Tango Delta who joined us for our weekend downpainment and coffee.

T-claps to the Pax, a lot of camaraderie and encouragment being shouted out this morning  Also for making this the largest turnout so far for the Raleigh contingent.

T-claps to Pukahontas – who saw his breakfast for a second time during the running of the stairs, but caught up and carried on with the work out.  Strong!

T-claps as always to CK for pushing the PAX to reach farther and dig deeper.