Written by Coach Doherty in between recruiting trips; posted by Money Hose
11 PAX moored their vessels this morning on the banks of Brier Creek, hours before Winter Storm Pax would arrive.  Not sure when we started naming winter storms.  Who knew the Weather Channel has named 12 winter storms this year.  Not these Qs.
Shovel Flag: Planted.  PAX: Ready.  Co-Q: Kind of Ready (YHC was partnering with his Mr. Miagi to Q for the first time).
0600: Time to move.
The Thang:
Pre Warm-Up
Jog around to the front of the school (1/4 mile, or so) and circle up in the patch of lawn which boasted glistening piles of goose poop and a beautiful view of the Walgreens parking lot.
SSH x 25
Good Mornings x 25
Windmills x 25
‘Mericans x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Carolina Dry Docks x 15
Jog the rest of the way around the school back to the LZ (another 1/4 mile, or so, thus completing our very first circumnavigation of Brier Creek Elementary School).
Prisoner Squats x 20
Burpees OYO x 10
Prisoner Squats x 20
Burpees OYO x 8
Prisoner Squats x 20
Burpees OYO x 5
Round 1
Jog to the Playground
Count off in 1’s and 2’s: 1’s on the wall, 2’s on the line
1’s: 15 incline ‘Mercians on the wall
2’s: 3 sprints on the basketball court (Down: sprint like a running back, Back: jog backwards like a defensive back)
1’s: 15 decline ‘Mericans on the wall
2’s: 3 sprints on the basketball court (Down: sprint like a running back: Back: dance back like Fred Astaire doing crossovers)
1’s: 20 dips on the wall
2’s: 3 sprints on the Basketball court (Down: sprint like a running back: 1st trip back: defensive back, 2nd trip back: Fred Astaire, 3rd trip back: bear crawl like Yogi)
All on the line
Dragon walk down (if you missed the tutorial we put on this morning, look it up on YouTube)
Crab walk back
Round 2
Jog to the outhouse (a mobile classroom just outside of the playground)
1’s: Spiderman up the railing
2’s:  Left Right Step Ups on the curb x25
Little Baby Hops on the curb x 25
1’s: Spiderman up the short track (a shorter railing on the south end of the building)
2’s: Spiderman up the long track (a longer railing on the north end of the building)
Jog back to the LZ for Mary
LBC’s x 30
Box Cutters x 20
Freddie Murcury’s (like you mean it) x 15
WWII’s x 15
Sochi Hammers x 20
– Great 2nd official day at The Crick.
– By the way, we’ve named this workout “The Crick”.  Mr. Webster says that a crick is 1) a soreness in a muscle 2) a creek.  See what we did there?
– There is a cry for a Beta Saturday workout in The Crick.  The PAX in these waters feel central to everything and close to nothing.  We’ll try it this week.  0700.
– The more time I get with these guys, the better I seem to be.  I’m honored to start the day with these men, and humbled to be allowed to Q with Money Hose.  Thanks for pulling me into the gloom and the brotherhood.
– Prayers for McGruff and YHC as we travel to Vegas next week.
– We’ll have a Tri-Q in The Crick next week.  Kanye’s got the flag.
-We are well into the “You lead…” Phase.  Flying colors.
That is all.