The Shovel Flag was planted, fart sacks were evacuated, and we began




Short run around the parking lot, up the stairs and to the gazebo area for a warmup:  – SSH, Merkins, flutter kicks, Imperial Walkers Run to NC State Parking Garage for a field trip on the top deck:
– backwards run, jog back, karaoke feet down, walking lunges forward/backwards back, race around whole parking deck Run back to Pullen Park, observe Jacobs ladder hill, but continue onto Pain Island:

– Push-a-rama: Merkins, Wide Arm, Staggeredx2

– 3 stations: squats, dead hang from pullup bar, plank hold, squat hold, knees to elbows, up/down planks Run to the Ampitheatre for:  – 2 sets of dips, diamond merkins, froggies (jane fondas) Run to playground for:
– Planks: Regular, Putin, Sarkozy, Chilkut, Regular

– Mary: Hello dolly, leg hold, crunches, high flutter, sit ups Run back to Amphitheatre for:

– Burpee Circle x2



tclaps to Wonk for the gate jump and roll
tclaps to Track Star for bringing up p90(year old)x So much energy to start with, all the way up until we stopped at Jacobs Ladder hill, afterwards, bastard and FEBA resumed. Burpee Circle was an experiment where we all did a burpee and called out a name.  We did this two times and found that calling out the name of the person next to you is probably the most effective.

Assignment for next week:  – Come up with ideas for new location, i.e. a park  – Every day do a max plank hold and come back to report your longest duration plank