When: 04/20/2018, likely a mid-afternoon start but TBD.

Where: Wilmington, NC

Event Qs: Les Nessman, Pepe, Coco, Bono, Pied Piper, Bob the Builder

Who: PAX of Raleigh, Churham, Carpex, Greenville, Cape Fear, Whiteville, Carterico, New Bern etc.

CSAUP: Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless. The Custom GoRuck Heavy fits the description well. For those unaware, the GoRuck Heavy is a 24 hour, team endurance event meant to test the participants’ mental and physical ability. As GoRuck says, it’s “The Ultimate Team Event”.

On April 20th, 2018 we accept the challenge. Men from all over eastern North Carolina will converge in Wilmington for 24 hours of team-building, shared misery, and iron sharpening. Here’s what you need to know.


Cost: The total for the event is approximately $200 per person. That number assumes we have a full class of 35 (meaning if we have less, the cost increases slightly). In order to secure your spot, a down payment of $150 is due. You are not signed up for the event until Les Nessman receives your first payment. The second payment of $50 is due January 15th. The total covers your admission to the event, and a badass t-shirt upon completion.

Important note here. By submitting your down payment, you are committing to the $200 total. That means if at any point you have to decommit, your only option is to settle up with someone on the wait-list or find your own replacement. Reason being, the event Qs are essentially floating the total amount to GoRuck with the expectation of PAX following through. Our event Qs do not want to be left owing a balance at the end because a bunch of people dropped.

Signing Up: This event is capped out at 35 PAX. There will be a wait list once we have 35 signed up. For starters, this event is open to F3 regions in North Carolina from the Triangle and east. In the future, it may be opened up to all of F3 Nation. Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Email Les Nessman, bnsmith07@gmail.com. Here’s what you need to send. Name, F3 name, F3 Region, phone number, emergency contact, phone number for emergency contact, shirt size.
  2. Via Paypal or Venmo, submit your deposit of $150. For Paypal, use bnsmith07@gmail.com and submit as a friends and family transaction. For Venmo, the username is @Ben-Smith-75.
  3. Once you receive an email confirmation that both of these items have been completed, you are on the list.

Training: There are numerous resources out there for training prep. Here are a few:

Pathfinder: 12 week ruck training program. Email Les Nessman to get a 20% off discount code. https://pathfinderrucktraining.com/collections/ruck-training-programs/products/pathfinder-endure-intermediate-ruck-training

Mettle Forger: GoRuck Heavy Training Plan. http://www.mettleforger.com/training-plans/goruck-heavy-training-plan.html?

All Day Ruckoff: Additional resources and training plans specifically for the Heavy. https://alldayruckoff.com/event-training/goruck-heavy-training/

Basically, ruck, ruck and ruck some more. We recommend doing so with a friend.


Communication: For updates follow @F3GRCHeavy on Twitter. You will receive additional info moving forward via email, once you are signed up. If you have questions, email any of the event Qs.

Les Nessman (F3 Raleigh) – bnsmith07@gmail.com

Pepe (F3 Raleigh) – Benjamin.pugh1@gmail.com

Coco (F3 Churham) – Andrew.cocowitch@unchealth.unc.edu

Bono (F3 Greenville) – sethnbrown@gmail.com

Pied Piper (F3 Greenville) – timmanning22@gmail.com

Bob the Builder (F3 Wilmington) – tannerkonrady@aol.com