PAX of 4 showed up to get better on a yet another wet Monday morning at A-team.  Attendance was unusually sparse but justifiable, considering it was first day of Spring Break week, and also the day after a holiday/Elite-8 weekend.  So as we stood inside the locked gates of ACP, the question came up, “Which one of us is the Q today?”  YHC pointed out that today’s Q was unexpectedly not yet in attendance.  So we spent the last minute or two before launch time looking up the road, waiting to see said PAX come running down the hill along with his 3-legged companion, as he is known to do.  As 5:45am ticked closer, YHC realized this would likely be the first opportunity as site Q to do an on-the-fly beatdown resulting from a Q signup no-show.  So off we went…

Fellowship jog through the park, passing our usual parking area (when the gates are open) with the thought that maybe today’s Q was waiting for us there.  Nah.  Continue to the far end of the parking lot loop.

Square up for warm-up, one exercise called by each PAX (can’t remember the counts):

  • SSH (Michelob)
  • Good Mornings (Largemouth)
  • Imperial Walker (Term Paper)
  • Frankensteins (Grease Monkey)

Partner up (pretty easy with 4 people).  Approximately 1 mile of Catch Me If You Can, out to the main entrance and most of the way back to where we started, with one partner doing 7 merkins prior to each chase.

Next up, a variation of Jacob’s ladder, starting from the light pole near our usual parking area/basketball court:

  • Bear crawl to next light pole
  • Duck walk to next light pole/speed bump at the bottom of the hill
  • Run to the top of the hill
  • 1 burpee and a multiplier of 4 double-count American Hammers
  • Run back to starting light pole and repeato adding 1 each time.  The intent was to get up to 7 merkins/28 hammers but we audibled at 5/20 as we were running low on time and YHC had thought of something else in the meantime

Jog to parking lot near the main entrance.  Locate your partner (again, pretty easy with only 4 people) for the following running/abs sequence:

  • Partner 1: “Normal” run around the parking lot / Partner 2: AMRAP Freddie Mercuries / Flapjack
  • Partner 1: Backwards run around parking lot / Partner 2: AMRAP Box Cutters / Flapjack
  • Partner 1: Karaoke around the parking lot / Partner 2: AMRAP Boat/Canoe / Flapjack

Square up for COT (or maybe SOT):

  • Announcement:  Reminder of 2nd F at Ma Bell’s on April 16th… details forthcoming
  • Prayers for Grease Monkey’s wife as they continue to work through her diagnosis

Finally, you know what they say – if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen:

A pleasure and an honor to lead groups large and small.