Some days, you’ve got a ruck full of bricks, and you happen to see a Log. And you say to that Log: “Log, are you happy with your present surroundings?” And the Log doesn’t respond because you’re not crazy.

However! You do sense that the Log’s present surroundings do not fully satisfy the Log’s needs. The Log has not been fully appreciated by the Greenway faithful. The Log should be removed. The Log wants its passport stamped. The Log wants its weight to be fully appreciated. The Log wants to smear its muddy, bug-infested exterior on somebody’s neck and ruck straps. The Log wants to dance.

So, five men found the Log. And we removal-ed it.

Soundtrack: ca. 1987, The Cult – Love (Log) Removal Machine


  • Launch from Gideon AO
  • Walk the Greenway in the dark
  • Pick up a 2-man Log — roughly 100#er
  • Carry the Log 1.98 miles
  • Do a couple of Log PT exercises to make the Log feel further appreciated
  • Dump the Log in the woods for future Gideon maneuvers
  • Wrap it up at the AO launch site

No mas.


  • Joule had trouble finding his socks in the dark.
  • Invisible Shirt works in nuclear astro-physics. True story. You felt smarter just hauling the Log alongside him.
  • Nessman and Pepe enjoyed some brief PT under the Log. Nessman: “That was no joke.”
  • Walking in the dark, light rain falling, weighted knapsack strapped on… That’s a good Monday morning, kids.


  • Memorial Day GORUCK Challenge in DC on 5/27. Do it.
  • Next week: GIDEON Fitness Test to kick off the Old Testament Challenge. Each day, its own plague. The way is narrow. Who will find it?


  • For family reconciliation / understanding
  • For family traveling
  • Gratitude and strength for the week ahead
  • The HOPE of the Resurrection to give us the strength needed!

The powerman, Joule, spoke prayers on our behalf.

Another Gideon in the books.