This past Friday’s workout was the latest in the ever evolving favorite of YHC, the Brokeback Merkins.  The basic premise of the brokeback merkins is to partner up and run opposite directions around a circuit, be it a track, ball field, etc.  In this case it was a parking lot.  When the partners meet back at the starting point, they alternate doing derkins with one partner in a plank hold and the other doing derkins with his feet on his partners back.  This time around we added a rock and some exercises.  When the partners met at the halfway point of each lap, each would do 20 overhead rock presses and 20 tricep extensions.  They then would complete the lap and when they meet at the starting point they do 20 rock curls and 20 brokeback derkins.  We did five such circuits.  Jogged back over to the rock pile to deposit the rocks and then over to the tennis courts for one round of bull frogs and one round of balls to the wall.  Great, large turnout heading into the long weekend and special welcome to Grinch from the North Charlotte AO and FNG Scuba Steve.