The Site Q’s huddled up over the last few weeks and realized that the normal A-Team AO wouldn’t support the hordes of men expected to pay homage to Lt. Mike Murphy and the many fallen service members in the annual pain inducing Memorial Day challenge known as “The Murph”. Some reconnaissance around town yielded Kelly Road Park as a suitable location so the word went out.

Denali, Michelob, Old Maid, Ollie, Banjo, Hotspot, Chinese Downhill, PBX and ‘Biner (FNG) met a t 6:15 for an EC run. Unfortunately, Cheddar Bo doesn’t visit KRP until 7am. Well maybe it’ll be open when we return. A run through the disclaimer and the sub-PAX took off on a 3.2 mile loop that included pavement, concrete, some hills, a greenway with a nice sized puddle thanks to yesterday’s rain and a trip past our soon-to-be Murph location at KRP playground on the way back to the parking lot.

Fortunately PAX noticed Olive Chapel Elementary School parking lot was right next door. Cheddar Bo showed up with 9 minutes to spare, but we decided to stay in place. Only one recovery (Term Paper) was required.

As 7am approached, Hotspot told the 21 PAX the background story on Lt. Mike Murphy (Here) while co-Q looped out to KRP to pick up any stragglers. You can also read about the mission where Lt. Murphy lost his life in the excellent book Lone Survivor

2 FNGs (one brought by PBX and the other by Tecumseh) must not have known what they were in for because they showed up anyway. Revisited the disclaimer for the second time today.

After a creative one-mile run to start the Murph, the PAX began the pullup/Merkin/squat sequence.  Sets of 5/10/15 and 10/20/30 seemed to be the most common. PAX were all well within ear shot of each other which was conducive to both mumble chatter and encouragement

Capex, Carpex, etc, discussion was surprisingly kept to a miminum, but is it really over?

Tecumseh probably could have done a second Murph, well, maybe without the running!

Plank, Mary and/o work toward the Memorial Day Merkin Challenge as you wait for the entire group to finish. Then repeat the 1-mile run in the opposite direction back to the parking lot

Name-o-rama. Welcome FNGs Biner (Beaner) and Petoskey (It’s a rock from Lake Michigan where Petoskey hails from). Hotspot though constantly squashed in his naming suggestions, exerted his will when it came to a fellow former Michigander.

Announcements: Combined Q at FOD: Ma Bell’s bday sleeveless doo-rag and Calahan 2-year anniversary

Prayer Request: The M’s of Callahan and Chef Tell who are ready to burst. Another prayer for the Fallen Men and Women of the Armed Forces.

Hotspot took us out.

Gatorades provided for all in attendance

Coffeeteria at Common Grounds in downtown Apex


It was a pleasure to lead, especially on this special day of reverence.