Escalator on Grass
After another restless night of sleep before a Q I was ready to lead the PAX who braved the 75 degree starting temperature with very high humidity. Today was my first time leading at GA; many thanks to Yippie Kay Yay and Quagmire for allowing me the privilege. No FNGs present, 18 grizzled veterans assembled, disclaimer given and we were off.

Starting at the AO we jogged toward the NC General Assembly building and around the building 1.5 times. Circle up in the grass on the south end of the long lawn.
SSH X 20
Good morning x 10
Imperial Walker x 15
Mountain Climber x 20

The Thang:
We started in the southwest corner of the lawn and ran the sidewalks starting with 10 burpees at station one, 15 WWIIs at station 2, 20 merkins at station 3 and 25 blank jacks at station four. Run around the loop back to the starting point and repeat x 4.

By the 4th loop the PAX were spread out, and YHC called an audible as opposed to going back around one more time. Red Card or JP Pruitt called various exercises while I attempted to catch up. From there we used the benches outside the Dept. of Public Instruction to do a collection of LR Step-ups, squats, derkins although my memory is a bit fuzzy on the quantity here. I’m not sure oxygen was flowing in large quantities to my brain.

Time allowed for three sets of sprints across the fat part of the field with squats and quick feet mixed in.

Head back to the AO start point with a bear crawl across the bridge over Lane St. and a backward run up the final hill. Everyone ran back down the hill to collect the six.

30 LBCs
20 Box-cutters
20 American Hammer
20 Low-slow Flutter
30 seconds of have a nice day

Pantyhose is launching a new AO at Daniel’s Middle School on Wednesday morning at 5:30.
Healing Transitions is at 2:30 on Friday. Meet at Pullen at 2:00 for the run over. Several Healing Transition clients are going to Ambassador as well. A signup sheet is online to carpool them.

Prayer Requests:
Lots of new babies of late — Mr. Furley, Leandro, Tarp, Serge, Own Goal to name a few.
Continued prayers for Cornholio dealing with health issues.
Piano Man led us out in prayer (on his 1-year anniversary).

Naked Moleskin: As always I enjoyed leading this morning. I’m certain my wife doesn’t enjoy my Qs as it likely means I toss and turn in the night. The GA AO allows you to go in a lot of different directions and to cover all sorts of obstacles. We didn’t go far from the starting point today, but we did manage to cover a little north of 2.5 miles (Sorry Orwell). The breeze was noticeable and staying out of parking decks was beneficial today. It was great to see many familiar faces this morning. As I plan what to do I struggle with making it hard enough for the front runners while allowing the PAX to stay in a close proximity. One of the few lines I remember specifically from Freed to Lead was “if you can’t Q it don’t do it.” I believe encouragement from people who care (not a paid professional) while enduring pain is a huge part of what makes F3 unique.