5 stalwarts chose the road less traveled today at Ricochet and that made all the difference, or something like that.  Here’s where we went and what we did:

Take off out of the park, cross over Whitaker Mill and head to White Oak.  Take White Oak across Anderson and down to Lake Drive.  Ascend Lake Drive hill to the intersection with Dix.  Single pain-station stop for the following:  10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 squats, 20 merkins, 10 burpees.

Run down Dix to Anderson, right up Anderson and crossover to Beechridge.  Head down Beechridge to Royster. Original plan was to take Royster/Kitrell all the way to Lourdes, but audibled to cut through Fallon Park over to Oxford. Run up Oxford to Reaves.  Ascend Reaves hill, cross over Whitaker Mill and head towards Aycock.

With time still on the clock, YHC opted for audible #2 for the “long way” back to the park.  Being a bit unfamiliar with the area and with no locals on hand to guide the way, we ended up in the gritty industrial underbelly of ITB – albeit one replete with craft breweries, upscale coffee merchants and community gardens.  #PoppedBlueCollar.  Fortunately, YHC regained his bearings, righted the ship and brought the crew safely home to port. Closed out with the obligatory 6-inch leg hold around the horn.


  • A solid 4.5 miles, with some good climbs thrown in (BRR season – a must).  Fava alleged that I was trying to find all the hills.  Not so, my friend – we just started running, and it is the hills that found us.  #DeepThoughts
  • Prayers for Layover’s mom and their family as she recovers from health issues and they transition into the role of caregivers.
  • Praises for the arrival of baby Furley.
  • New Wednesday workout starting 7/27, Daniels Middle School, 5:30 am. High tempo boot camp.

As always, an honor and a pleasure.  Aye.