Twelve men of all ages emerged from the darkness to launch The Thicket, Churham’s highly anticipated new workout. Epic overnight thunderstorms announced The Thicket in electric fashion and cleared in time to present a humid gloom. After many months of personal and site prep, and a series of soft launches, it’s official. Let’s go …


Warm Up
Arm Circles
Imperial Walker
Air Squat


The Thang
YHC welcomed the PAX by leading them on a scenic tour of the new site. Up into Briar Chapel we ran, then stopped to do some merkins. Turned left at the road and traveled at a brisk pace, then stopped to do some merkins. Crossed the main drag over to Pollard, then did some more merkins. Next up: The Stairs. Up and down 10 times. Yanni suggested we look up to admire the stunning orange sunrise. Then it was back to viewing the concrete to climb what may ultimately be titled the Bear Crawl Ramp. That led us to a spot to rotate people’s chair and reverse plank holds. Then more merkins. A quick mosey was interrupted by more merkins – followed by a backwards jog – and then more merkins. We made our way to the picnic tables for two sets of dips, then the jog resumed, followed by merkins, walking lunge, merkins, walking lunge, and a final set of merkins. No workout by YHC is complete without pullups, so we made our way to the playground for two sets of said pullups


Russian Hammer
Plank Jacks
Peter Parker
Parker Peter


It may not have technically been part of Hell Week, but we’d like to think we’ve found our own little slice of hell here at The Thicket.
Distance traveled: 2.5 miles.
Merkins completed: YHC lost count.
Mumblechatter: minimal.


Just one: see you next Monday.


Shout out to Goat Cheese, the co-site founder and pull up legend, who is still on the mend. Looking forward to your return, brother!