Run to the parking lot beside the tennis courts also referred to by some as the “courts of pain”.

Warmup: We started with the following:  Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers x 20 and Spider man Merkins x 10.

Over to the “Courts of Pain” to partner up (size didn’t matter);  Partner 1 BTW while Partner 2 bear crawls across court and runs back.  Flip Flop.  Partner 1 Prisoner Squats while Partner 2 Gorilla Crawls across the court and runs back. Flip Flop.  Partner 1 Peter Parker merkins while Partner 2 crab crawls across and runs back.  Flip Flop. Patty Cake Merkins x 20 for each partner.

Run down Sisyphus.  Grab a rock. Curls, Shoulder Press, Tricep extensions, 3 sets of each.  Bear crawl to bridge; irkins x 20 and hand release merkins x 20.

Back up Sisyphus with partner chase when tagged, 10 merkins. (Some of us couldn’t catch our partners given their speed, thanks Money Hose!).  At the top: standard and diamond merkins x 20.

Run to 1st parking lot.  Line up.  Partner 1 run to gate that is either up or down.  Partner 2 LBC.  Flip Flop.

Mary:  LBC x 20; Six inch leg (5 sec count off around the Pax)

COT:  Many thanks to the PAX and brothers for pushing and encouraging each other.  Keep asking others to join.  Timing is key.  Remember 2 guys mentioned in prayer.