(NO, not Jeter retirement) 12 PAX posted for the final “too late” 6:15am start for #BallBearings.  Before I began posting to F3, I looked at the schedule and thought “ok, 6:15am, that’s reasonable!”  Now, as a 9 month veteran of F3, 6:15am might as well be lunch time…

Disclaimer read and we took off for a quiet jog up to the top deck for Warm-Up.

– SSH x 20

– Good AMs x 12

– Imperial Walkers x 20

– Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8 Forward and Reverse x 8

– Carolina Dry Docks x 20

– Hit the Curb for Quick Feet x 20

– Followed by Mini Jump Ups x 20

Recover on the run past House of Cats to base of Hamburger Hill


11s!!!  Run up hill > 10 burpees at the top > Bear Crawl down hill > 1 Prisoner Squat at the bottom, etc.  Upon announcing this Chong Li commented, “Aggressive,” which I took as a compliment.

Plank until completion.

Run up Hamburger Hill to House of Cats.

Group 1: Run to Right Field Fence and back, Group 2: Balls to Wall.  FLAPJACK.

Group 1: Run to Right Field Fence and back, Group 2: People’s Chair.  FLAPJACK.

Recover on the run down to picnic shelter.

Group 1: Pull Ups x 5, Group 2: Diamond Merkins (4 count) x 5.  FLAPJACK (with made up Merkin cadence by Wendell G).

Group 1: Chin Ups x 5, Group 2: Standard Merkins (4 count) x 4 + 1.  FLAPJACK (another “new” Merkin cadence by Wendell G).

Recover on the run up to half-wall by cement circle.

– Dips x 15

– Alternating Left/Right Step-ups x 15

– Irkins x 15


Circle Up on the plush grass for Mary:

– LBCs x 15

– Ski Abs x 15

– Freddy Mercury’s x 15


Tough Beatdown that gassed the Q at the end (almost broke “Munson Rule” from Chong Li Q School).


– NEW TIME: #BallBearings, 5:45am Edition goes live next Wednesday the 8th (ahh, sure was nice to sleep in).

– F3 Connect (@F3ConnectRAL): F3 networking event, lunch at Mia Francesca’s (NH) on Oct 15th, sign up link posted on twitter account.  1st meeting has Cut Me Mick speaking.

– Best Wishes to the F3 MudRun crew (including Munson and Chong) on Saturday!  Stay healthy my friends.

– City of Oaks 1/2 Marathon sign up still open.  “SPECIAL15” code saves you $15 (RUN15 is toast).  Can tag “F3 Raleigh Team” during registation

– Fannie took us out.