Friar Tuck: (a few days ago) “So, Mr Rogers, do you guys try to keep The Forge on the lighter side for guys who are getting acclimated?”

Mr Rogers: “Well, it’s billed as an FNG-friendly workout…but no, not really.”

All YHC needed to hear.

Recalling sage wisdom conveyed from the local F3 Jefes, which posits the truth that men do not come and come back because it’s soft but because it hurts, this Friar retreated to the Woodshed to construct a Mechanism for Demolition. It’s the prerogative of the Q.

And credit the PAX. The men of The Forge met this Mechanism with momentum and might. In the words of other F3 Jefes, “Embrace the Suck.” Embrace it we did.


Picnic Table Obstacle Run x3 loops / Plank

Run to steps by lake

Merican Steps Simmer:

Mericans x15 / Squats x15 / Derkins x15 / Squat Jumps x15 / Irkins x15

Run to double bridge

Beatdown Bridge:

Right leg hops over 1st bridge > 15 burpees / Left leg hops over 2nd bridge > 15 burpees

Court of Injustice:

Group 1 – suicides / Group 2 – balls-to-the-wall jump-ups


Run to NCSU 

Railing Gallows (University Theater):

Railing Pullups x15 / Squats x15 / Railing Irkins x15 / Squats x15 / Railing Derkins x15

Cross to Parking deck stairs 

Stairs of Despair (parking deck):

Run to the top > 15 burpees / Run to the top > 10 burpees / Run to the top > 5 burpees

Move to tunnels

Tunnels of Love:

Bear Crawl / lunge walk loop

Gorilla crawl / lunge walk loop

Bear crawl / lunge walk loop

Run to Quad Steps

Stairs of Despair (a la Rocky in Philly):

Run to the top > 15 burpees / Run to the top > 10 burpees / Run to the top > 5 burpees

Run back to Pullen


There was some discussion of highly irregular man waxing whilst the PAX sojourned across the grounds of NCSU. The exact phraseology is mercifully erased from the mind of this Friar, but suffice it to say that it was a kind of engineering that should not be found in future Wolfpack Course Catalogues.

In other news, Burpee total for the day = 90  Aye!

A bunch of races coming up that require an F3 presence:

  • The Krispy Kreme (at your own risk) Run – see Epoxy
  • The Kilt Run – see Costco
  • Healing Place Workout – Bringing F3 to these brothers – see Countrywide

Ball of Man – Rain Man prayed us out like a champ – prayers for Dufresne, Orwell’s Mom