This morning, while you were snug in your onesie, 20 Pax got their asses out of theirs, ventured to Eastbound & Down and laughed at the rain. They charged into the week full of promise and determination. They embraced the chill in the air, knowing that this may be the last cool day for many mornings to come. They stood tall and shook their fists at the workout laid before them and shouted, I will kick your ass! And even then, as Pax after Pax slipped and fell on their 6, they did not stop. Why? Well, possibly because the disclaimer had been stated, and they knew they had no recourse. Or, maybe, because the mission of F3 had also been clearly recited and they knew they had accepted this mission. And there was no turning back. As the gloom bore down on us, here’s what we did:

Friendly jog around the damn loop w/ backwards run up the entry hill. Circle up for:
Imperial Walkers x20
Prisoner Squats x15
Good Mornings x10
Mtn. Climber Merkins x15

Thang 1
Mosey over to the tennis courts, line up on the sideline for:
1) Broad Jump Burpees across all 3 courts, run back, assume People Chair
Balls to the Wall – 20 Count
2) Crab Walk across, run back, Peoples Chair, BTTW – 30 Count
3) Suicides, PC, BTTW – 30 Count
4) Suicides, PC, BTTW – 20 Count
5) Bear Crawl, run, PC

Thang 2
Back to the parking area, gather in teams of 4 for staggered 4 man Indian Runs around the loop w/ AMRAP exercise while you wait and on return:
1) Squats, 2) Chillcut, 3) Burpees

Thang 3
Shake off the rain, and mosey to the walls for Wall Webs w/ Dips and Irkins:
Performed 4:4, 8:8, 12:12 IC
All you got up the top of the park and back to the parking lot.

Circle up for a little Plank-o-Rama w/ L/R/Low Holds
LBCs x30
Swiss Merkins x20 (for Pepe)
WWIIs x20
Flutters x20

Great work today by all the PAX. Special T-Claps for Pepe and Huh? who returned to the gloom after Friday night’s GoRuck. I watched them launch and return in the morning, and I saw guys who had been beaten down, but somehow were still digging deep, pulling together, pushing each other and driving to the finish. Much respect to all those in Class 2552. They will never forget that number.
I also gave a shout out to our Carterican brothers and their tradition of repeating the F3 Mission before every workout. While I don’t think it will catch on in Raleigh, it is certainly worth doing from time to time as a reminder of how powerful this beast is for men in our community. It’s larger then us. Get out and share it.
We offered prayers for Spin Class’s mother who has been in ICU for 7 days now. She is on a ventilator, as she has struggled with asthma. After a trying week, the doctors believe they may have identified a virus as the culprit. And she is now on a course of treatment that they hope will bring healing. Mr. Furley lifted up those doctors and the family, and took us out with a powerful prayer.

The tennis courts were slick as ice. The first casualties slipped to their 6s while doing People Chair. Not less than 4 Pax fell to this fate. Then suicides, even with a verbal warning of caution from YHC, brought down several more. The final blow was to Tony Danza (aka Tiny Dancer), who took a fall that shook the court and rattled bones. Even with concern from the Pax around him, he bounced back up and gingerly, without compliant, competed the workout with ego intact. Stronger than the average bear. Which reminds me, Java, you should see someone about the strength of the stench in your gut. That bomb you dropped by the walls is probably still there. I feel sorry for the kids who come to play there today.

Well, thanks again for letting me sit in the middle today. Have a great week.


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