Dateline: The Crucible.
On Dingo’s invite, three PAX posted for some EC before the main event. Great to see.
Warm-up: 10×2 Sir Fazio Arm circles
10 Good mornings
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Standard Merkin
Mosey to lower lot for a set of 11s: burpees and squats.
Mosey to track for partner exercises. teams of two for 80 Merkin and 120 squats, alternating track laps.
25 lbs, 25 reverse LBCs. It was at this point that FNG Windsong earned his name.
Mosey back to lot for a lungemarch, mosey to tennis courts, break into four corners.
#1 = 10 burpees
#2 = 20 squats
#3 = 15 merkin
#4 = 20 LBCs, bear crawl in between rotations.
People’s Chair on formation.
Mosey to rock pile.
10 curls
10 bent over rows
10 tricep extensions
10 squat presses
Mosey to middle lot for Mary.
20 count dying cockroach
1 round of protractor
20 lsfs.
Great fellowship this morning.
Announcements: Forum Bible Study of Peter. Mule sign-up (Overdraft offered to appraise your likely finishing time -no charge), and prayers for recovery for our brother Azul.
Papercut led us out into the week in prayer.