I have to say that this post has come a few days late.  As each day of F3D3 has come and gone, each Q has achieved the task of posting the backblast before I reached work that morning (great job fellas)!  However, in the interest of preserving my job and marriage, this one had to be pushed back a few days.  Oh well, better late than never!!  With that disclaimer addressed, here it goes!

On the morning following a historic election, 27 PAX post in the gloom unified not by politics but by brotherhood (and this crazy yet awesome commitment known as F3D3)!  Yes, this is the 3rd day of the Durham Dirty Dozen.  Congrats to the PAX who have made it to this point.  The struggle is real and all are feeling it.  However, beat downs from the previous 4 workouts and a bad knee didn’t seem to bother Chachi as he jumped right into EC at 0500.

Extra Credit (17 PAX):

Run.  That’s right.  No merkins, no lunge walks, no rucks.  Just a good old fashioned 5k leading Pax through neighborhood streets and county roads on a beautiful November morning.  The pace was strong but kept the Pax mostly together and ended just in time for the ME to kick off

Main Event (27 PAX):


SSH x 25

Willie Mays Hayes X 10

Imperial Walkers X 10

LB Arm Circles X 10 (and reverse X10)

Up Downs x 10

The thang:

Pax were led over the “hill”, which just happens to be YHC’s favorite part of these workouts.  The “hill” separates two parking lots.  Warm-ups typically take place in the first parking lot and the “hill” is just high enough to conceal the awesomeness that lay on the other side.  Oohs and ahhs a plenty when we crested the “hill” to see the playground that lay in front of them.

30 stations of pain for the Pax to rotate through.  Stations included but not limited to: kb swings, cinder block merkins, curls, reverse curls, weighted sprints, overhead press, overhead hold, out front hold, and several others that included HoP characteristic railroad steel beams of various weights (from 15-50lbs).  YHC’s favorites were the rotating log stations and the sled pull.  HoP is lucky enough to have a couple of sizable logs which were put to good use.  Pax rotated through 4 straight stations on the log and completed between 15 and 20 overhead log presses.  This proved particularly challenging especially on the last rotation.

The sled (constructed by Driftwood) has room to add weight and on this particular day, weighed in around 70lbs.  YHC attached it to a ruck sack with about 20 feet of rope and Pax got to pull it back and forth across the “hill”.

Timer for the day was the tire flip station.  Each Pax had a turn flipping the tractor tire approximately 30 yards at which time they would sound off “rotate” and the Pax would proceed to the next station.  Once we had pulled all we could out of each station and each Pax, the call came to circle up.  Mary was not planned but was incorporated into the 30 station beat down.


Reminders of Durham 4 year anniversary which will be celebrated through the annual Bull City Beatdown.  We replace the original TBL with a 2 hour beat down in the heart of the Bull City.  All are invited!

Churham pig picking is also celebrated on Saturday.  Great time for the Pax, Ms, and 2.0s to all get together.  To miss it would be a huge, huge mistake.

Congrats to the 13 men still in the running to complete all F3D3 workouts.


In the wake of last nights election and in anticipation for the days to come, I have to say that I am extremely grateful for this group of men.  Though we may have different outlooks on politics among other things, we don’t let it divide us.  We stay strong in our commitment to each other and our community.   If this election has taught us nothing else, is has taught us that this kind of brotherhood is a rare and great thing.

Lastly, I’d like to say how much I appreciate the events that create a convergence of men from the Churham region.  F3 has grown quickly here over the past couple of years, causing a further separation of Pax we may be use to seeing in the gloom on a regular basis. Getting to catch up with those guys and meet the new Pax makes for an awesome time.

Here’s to looking forward to the F3D3 finale (which due to my tardiness is tomorrow)!