11 PAX, 1 police escort and the carousel alarm were the welcome committee at The Forge on a wet, cool Tuesday morning.  Mr. Rogers announced your own risk- suck it up, let’s roll!  “So she said”


warm up jog around the parking lot under the watch full eye of the law

10 burpees OYO

SSH x 25

Good Mornings x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

mountain climbers x 20

merikins x 15




The Thang

jog to the stairs in the park, partner up for wheelbarrows (Larry David- stairbarrow)  up the 2 flights at the top 10 merkins in the wheelbarrow position- run the path back to the bottom rinse and repeat:  Due to the YHC lack of head count abilities-Steroid did a solo x 2.

stroll to the shelter:

left right step up x 20

incline merkins x 15

dips x 15 or was it 20??

decline merkins x 15

jog to the tennis courts- stop along the fence for some rock work

20 curls- move the right and grab your fellow PAX rock

20 shoulder press- move to the right

20 bent rows- replace the rocks

on to the tennis court- 2 groups

group 1 – Balls to the wall- group 2 suicides far doubles baseline/near double baseline- switch/repeat

group 1 – peoples chair- group 2 sprint to far baseline-bear crawl back- switch/repeat

jog back to the shelter

20 x jump ups OYO


incline merkins

Jog through the park, circle up as Mr. Rogers brings on Mary

Flutter x 20

Freddie M x 20

LBC x 30

6″ leg hold-  5 count around the group

American Hammers x20

15 burpess OYO



Christmas Party

Friday -Healing Place

Prayer Request- Steroids mom to get well soon!  Our F3 brothers in Chapel Hill and Wilmington battling illness

Ball of Man- Mr. Rogers took us out with prayer and gratitude.


Pleasure to quasi lead a group of great men!  Thanks to White Shoe for going easy on mumble chatter today- I had heard the stories-  Fudd