As we noticed 90210 leading the men of Pullen off to begin their weekly dose of pain, YHC and 4 PAX made our way to the Arena.  After a nice jog through Dix and past what would soon be the scene of some of the days downpainment, we were met first by Drago here for his 2nd dose of F3 pain management, then by Teddy.

Warm ups:  SSHx20, Good Mornings x 15, Fazio Arm Circles B&F x 10, Standard Merkins x 10, Windmills x 15, & 5 burpies OYO.

Head to the back lot for some rock work, grab a rock from the pallet, Capt. K grabs a boulder, I think to prevent YHC from including a pass the rock method to the work we were to do.  After 2 sets of curls, presses, & extensions, YHC continued to be distracted by the struggle of the Capt. to manage his rock, done with the rocks.  Find a spot on the curb for two sets of quick feet and irkins x 15.

Jog through the back woods trail and find a ballard behind the public gas tank for a round of peoples chair, a slow 10 count through the PAX.  Sprint to the back of the same field for 10 burpies OYO and back to your ballard for peoples chair to wait on the PAX to complete.

After 2 quick 10 counts we headed towards the tracks only to find some more rocks, why not stop for some big boy Jack Webs in honor of the Capt. Grab a rock for diamond merkins on the rock, then lift the rock, my rock seemed about 60 lbs. about half way through.

Jog back to THP to the courtyard for some dipps and irkins, 2 sets x 10.

Mary: LBC’s x 30, Homer to Marge x 15, Freddie Merks X 15, Done!

COT: A big thanks to Drago for sticking it out, and a reminder that our presence is key to the success of this workout.  Continued prayers for New Mexico’s friends daughter, who at 2 had a brain tumor removed and is healing.  Also YHC reminded the pax of our Lord and Savior and his sacrifie for us all this time of year, to share Him with others every chance you get.

After a mighty prayer by New Mexico, we headed out to the car to get an F3 shirt for Drago.  He informed us he is soon going to move to Columbia SC, we informed him that he could do F3 there too, he seemed excited.

As a few loaded into a vehicle, 4 PAX including myself joged back to Pullen, just in time for their COT.

Please remember to sign up for the Arena and consider taking the Q,

No Pullen workout this Saturday, but the Arena is still in business.