YHC had a rough weekend. Let’s just say not much stayed in the system for anyone in the Denali residence for more than a few hours. Capisce? Monday morning comes around and things aren’t improving. The demons are still in my belly. Regardless, F3 rolls on and the solo clowncar pulls up to Apex Community Park behind ten plus cars at the entrance to the park. We briefly discuss why the gate was open but no one entered but my mind was too focused on the demons to think logically. Hold it together…squeeze ’em together…whatever.

Off we went to COP:
-SSH, Good morning – 5 burpees;
-Plank Jacks, Merkins – 5 burpees;

Main Event (the beast, of course):
-Partner 1 – 20 starjumps to give partner 2 a headstart, switch every other round
Rounds: Merkins, Sumo Squat Jumps, LBC, Wide Grip Merkins, Prisoner Squats and Freddie.
After each round: Lots and lots of planking.

Next course:
Four man weave toward the shelter.
Stop at the shovel flag (wait, is this a new South Wake workout that Carpex doesn’t know about? Why is Michelob’s car here?) and burpee broadjump to the circle #sucks

Next course (shelter):
On the way to the shelter, YHC can hear voices. Hotspot charges out of the Gloom with his Weinke tightly fastenend to his wrist and a crazy look in his eye (Weinke too tight? Did I mention he carries a spare Weinke for just this occasion? Dude’s really prepared…I’m pretty sure he has a copious amount of rations hid in his house but can’t confirm that assertion). So, it ends up we had two groups working out at the same time in Carpex. WTH is right but we did. Here’s what the JV squat (ha) that showed up early did…

Written by YHCs co-Q: Hotspot
Mosey round the loop. (Where the heck is Denali? Is it daylight savings? Was there a Zombie Apocalypse? Did someone start a new workout on Mondays? Was there some kind of natural disaster? Did anyone check the news?) 
Hotspot: 20 SSH IC
Michelob: 20 Hillbillies IC 
​Chinese Downhill:10 Windmills IC
Crimson: 10 King David TT IC
Swag:10 GM​ IC

The Thang:
11s on the hill
Burpees at the top
LBCs at the bottom

Stop for 10 penalty burpees because the wind blew the flag over

Move to the seldom used small shelter
10 Box Jumps
10 Derkins
10 Freddy Mercuries
 about 5 box jumps, then voices…

WTH? 25 PAX roll in.

Now that the family is all back together, let’s finish this thing. At the shelter:
-Alt-LR Step-ups, Dips, Derkins and Irkins – do it twice because twice is nice.

Four man weave back to the beginning.

Mary: Boat canoe and six inch, six count leg hold around the circle.

Great work by the Varsity squat. JV, I don’t know what to do with you. Obviously when a gate is open, you never enter. CK is leading gate entry training next weekend so I suspect twenty-five of us should attend.

-CDs son for his guidance of a friend, Waterwing’s wife, Val (finds the right treatment) and the people of Oroville.

Heading to the ‘Men in Tights’ event tomorrow at Thomas Brooks Park. It should be tight. See what I did there.

Honor to lead such a fine group of gentlemen,