9 Pax descended on Tobacco Road for some DownPAINments. Great to have Moose (FNG) join us in gloom!

Jog around “peanut loop” 0.3 mi
Circle up, count off
Odd number of Pax, argh, odd numbers for warmup…
SSH 29x IC
Imperial Walker 19x IC
Windmill 19x IC
Mountain Climbers 11x IC

Dora-Dora 1-2-3:

Partner up (one group of 3 with odd number)
Pax 1 executes AMRAP while Pax 2 sprints
Flapjack (when Pax 2 returns back to goal line)
Repeato (until Dora 1-2-3 reps are met by team)

[Dora 1, Not Soccer Arms]
Half field and back (100 yds)
100x Merkins per team cumulative

[Dora 2, Soccer Abs]
Full Field and back (200 yds)
200x LBCs per team cumulative

[Dora 3, Soccer Legs]
Full field and back to half field, full field and back (300 yds)
300x squats per team cumulative [LEGS]

Teams Plank Hold when complete at goal line
After all Pax finished Bushwood called an audible 20x countdown Low Plank Hold (I like your style Bushwood)
Jog down to collect rocks by the PAINground
Before rock collection Q requested another Bushwood 20x countdown Low Plank Hold
All Pax grab a big rock (as large as you can hold over your head)

[Dora 1]
Lineup facing monkey bars with rocks
First (rightmost) 2x Pax do 10x pullups in succession; call out exercise for rest of Pax
Next 2x Pax repeato
Continue through Pax line until 100x cumulative Pax pullups have been achieved
(we had burpees, rock curls, rock tricep extensions, …)

[Dora 2, two rounds not 200x]
Pax circle up all holding rock above head
TIME BOMBS – Thanks Holiday @F3Isotope in CLT!
Round 1
Clockwise with each Pax completing 5x overhead presses
Round 2
Clockwise with each Pax completing 10x overhead presses

[Dora 3, 0.3 mi not 300x]
Sprint around “Peanut Loop” 0.3 mi and back to starting point for 6 mins of Mary

Rosalitas 20x IC
Bushwood led Flutters 50x IC
Floyd led J-Lo’s 20x IC
Xs and Os 10x IC
Sweats led 6 inches 50-countdown


Floyd mentioned an upcoming Go Ruck event.
Floyd/Cardiac on Q next week.
Enjoyed meeting the Pax in gloom!