The Warmup:
Full field lap
SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Willie Mays Hayes x 20
Wind mill x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
End with merkin pyramid – up to 10, then back down to 1 – totaling 100 merkins. The Thang:

The Thang:

The PAX partnered up. Partner A runs a lap while partner B does exercises.
The goal is for each partner to complete 5 laps around the field (totaling 1 mile).
Pax were instructed to run their “race pace” the long ways and sprint on the end lines. Upon each man’s return, he and his partner completed 5 burpees together before starting the next lap. After the burpees, the partners switch – partner B runs while partner A does exercises.

Activity for non-running partner during each lap:
Lap 1 – Air Squats/twist jump
Lap 2 – Dry docks
Lap 3 – Jump lunges
Lap 4 – Dips
Lap 5 – Mountain climbers

Once each pair completed the mile and 5 exercises, SSH until the group finished. Not surprisingly, as I was starting my 5th lap, I could see Assisi doing SSH. The creator of the Vortex is a beast!

Next, the group picked up two cinder blocks and headed out of the park to the sidewalk and up the road, which is a big, long hill. PAX passed the blocks around while traveling down the hill. Upon reach a good stopping point, maybe halfway down the hill, PAX formed two lines, side-by-side, facing up hill. The two men at the front of each line ran up the hill with the blocks, then back down, and passed the blocks to the next men in line. The runners called an exercise for the group at each rotation.

After each man completed his uphill block run, we were out of time. PAX ran back to the field for name-o-rama.