11 Pax joined the gloom for some Rice ist fun.

Warm up around the parking lot with a light jog followed by a 2nd round with various lunge walk and bunny hops.  3rd round carrying rice bags and sand bags.

Circle up for some cadence exercises

SSH*20, Cotton pickers*10, Sir Fazio forward and backward *15, Slow mo merkin 10, LBC’s, Rice bag and sand bag squats.

Some yoga balance moves and single calf hops for 90 sec count.

The Thang 4 rounds

Group 1 various Kettle bell swings and upright rows with sand bags

Group 2 bear crawl but drag your rice bag from back to front all the way up and down the field.

Flip flip each round. Variant of bear crawl round allowed to lunge walk with rice bag.

Finished off with mary and planks

COT. Mr Roboto brought his FNG 2.0 who did well for a beatdown.  Aptly named him Master Chief. Prayer for Troller and his dad dealing with end stage cancer.