You know it’s a good workout when you can’t hold in the clutch for longer than 2 seconds at a red light without your entire leg giving out!

Warm Up Run to the Incline Parking Lot

25 SSH
10-10 Imperial and Hillbilly
10-10 Fozzio Arm Circle
Shoulder Stretches – posterior, pec stretch, Pretzel twist, vertical tricep pull
Downward Dog
Runner’s Stretch/Pose Left Right
Downward Dog
PIgeon Left Right
Downward Dog into Cobra
Scorpion Stretch
20 ‘Mericans
Crab Squat
10 Good Morning

Partner Up for a Partner carry to Top of Hill
Jog Sprint Jog on the Return
30 Dips on the Curb
Switch Partner Carry to Top
Jog Sprint Jog
25 Wide Grip ‘Mericans
Partner Carry
Jog Sprint Jog
30 LBC
Partner Carry
Jog Sprint Jog
25 Carolina Dry Docks

Recover on the Jog to the Stairwell

Partner Up for the Climb out of the Abyss.  Switch and Repeat

Recover on the jog back to parking lot for a full 10 minutes of Mary
20 exaggerated low slow flutter
20 Twisting Shin Grabbers
Plank Left and Right
Plank Regular