The air was cool and tension was mounting as 11 brave PAX looked on in anticipation as YHC was fumbling around trying to connect his iWatch to the Blue tooth speaker he donned around his neck like a Flavor Flav clock necklace.  Yes, it was time to rock out to some 80’s big hair rock tunes and get this party started.  The goal was to complete a different set of exercises for each ballad that blared through the 3″ tweeter.  Changing over exercises in the seconds between the songs made this an intense, heart pounding, and a laughable ordeal.  Bottom line: Have Fun! So here we go.
Warm Up- “Enter Sandman”- Metallica
– Side straddle hops x 25
– windmills x 15
– Sir Fazio Arm circles x 15 each way
– merkins x 20
– Imperial walkers x 15
– sumo squats x 15
– Carolina dry docks x 15
– Good mornings x 10
The Thang
Switch exercise at every song. 10 songs
  • “Thunder Struck”- AC/DC Follow the leader- run in place (and run) w/ merkin every time “Thunder” is said.  Note, its 33 times.
  • “I Believe in a Thing called Love”- The Darkness (Yeah, I know…not 80″ but sounds like it) Tunnel of love.  Plank and army crawl through through the tunnel.  All the way down the field.
  • “Dr. Feelgood”-  Motley Crue. Paint the lines with star jumps.
  • “Heat Seeker”- AC/DC.  Run through the school yard
  • “Youth gone wild”- Skid Row. Spider man on rails x 2
  • “Dracula”- Rob Zombie. Partner carry back through the school to the field
  • “Kickstart my heart”- Motley Crue. Same partner- Wheel barrows down, switch partner and back.
    • Then, reverse wheel barrows down and reverse partner back.  This one kicked most of us.
  • “We’re not gonna take it”- Twisted Sister. Balls to the Wall-kins (Balls to the wall with urchin) x 10.  Then people’s chair down the line with a 5 count each.  Then repeato same set 2 more times until the song ended.
  • “The Final Countdown”- Europe. 3 PAX team up.  Over – Unders all the way down the field.  This one left a mark on the knees and elbows.
  • “Talk Dirty to Me”- Poison.  Mary- LBC’s, Homer to Marg, Flutter kicks, American Hammers.

Finished up – COT, announcements, and YHC took us out in prayer.