Eleven Pax gathered at 0700 at The Crick (YHC & Birkenstock posted for Quickhatch at 0615 – yes it’s still a thing).  No FNGs (for now), but a proper disclaimer provided nonetheless.

Pax then informed that it was Discount Day at The Crick as YHC opened my car trunk to reveal coupons in the form of 12 empty detergent bottles filled with sand.  Rules are simple, each Pax carries their bottle of sand at all times unless performing an exercise that requires both hands to be on the ground – no penalties for drops, just make sure your coupon makes it to the end of the workout where it would be redeemable for cold water & G-2 from the cooler (also located in the trunk).

With each Pax now in possession of a coupon, we set out on a warm-up mosey up Bruckhaus, turning left on Vogel and back through the bus loop to the basketball court for warmups.

  • Good Mornings – 15x
  • Imperial Walkers – 20x
  • Windmill – 15x
  • Mtn. Climbers – 25x
  • Squats – 25x
  • Plank Jacks – 25x
  • Sir Fazio Circles – 10x forward with coupon in right hand, 10x in reverse with coupon in left hand (YHC thought the suck level would tick up a little here and it did, but per usual the Pax embraced the suck)
  • The Nippler – 25x

Now that the Pax were properly warm, mosey out to the corner of Brier Creek Pkwy & Vogel for a Route 66 with Merkins (run the loop around BC Pkwy to Globe to Bruckhaus adding 1 Merkin at each light pole – total of 66 Merkins by the time you reach corner of Bruckhaus & Vogel).

As we made our way up Bruckhaus on the last leg of Route 66, a guy was also running & working out on the sidewalk.  Some Saturday morning pleasantries were exchanged and next thing you know we got an FNG.  T-Claps to the FNG for seeing 11 guys running down the street carrying Tide bottles and doing push-ups (he doesn’t know they’re called Merkins yet), and not running the opposite direction.

With the Route 66 complete and FNG in tow, we mosey a few feet to the bottom of the stairs of the Community Center for a set of 11s with CDDs and WWIIs, running the loop from stairs to stairs on Bruckhaus in between the sets.  The coupons started to deliver the desired suck about midway point of the 11s.

With 11s down, mosey back over to the basketball court and partner up for a little Dora action.  While Partner 1 does exercises, Partner 2 runs a lap around the track below the basketball court.  Flapjack & Repeato until Dora gets her counts.  Pax informed Partner 1 does not have to worry about holding his coupon during the exercises b/c Partner 2 running the lap will be carrying both his group’s coupons.  Dora got the following:

  • Merkins – 100x
  • Monkey Humpers – 200x
  • LBCs – 300x


  • Poke-The-Hole – 25x
  • Homer-to-Marge – 25x
  • 6-Inch Leg Hold – 30x

YHC had 0800 on my watch and attempted to call it, but 3 Doors Down noted it was 0758 and 40 more Merkins were banged out for the benefit of Pax doing the 200 per day challenge……T-Claps to 3 Doors for auditing my stopping time.

Also, T-Claps to Birkenstock who double-downed for both workouts a few days after oral surgery and was still on meds……pride before safety.


  • Welcome FNG 46th Minute (likes soccer and joined near the midway point).


  • Trali Run on Thursday, June 22nd – meet 8pm at The Crick – it will be a convergence with FiA b/c Trali Run got planned on Kanye M’s birthday (aka Sweatshop).  Families that F3/FiA together, stay together.


  • Spurrier and his parents
  • Trump’s Mom and family

YHC took us out.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead fellas.