It’s birthday week in my household so I decided to follow Captain Kangaroo’s lead and kick off a birthday week of Qs culminating on my bday.  Fortunately for me mine is Wed rather than the Captain’s Friday bday which resulted in him having 5 Qs, and I’m not 50 although I feel like it most days (thinking I’d like to be as in shape as he is at 50, but I’m not in that shape now at almost 43….but I digress).

Strong crowd of 11 for today’s version of DL including Turkish Bath whom we haven’t seen in a while.  Welcome back brother.  This Q / attending this non-running workout couldn’t have come at a better time as my body still hurts from Yo-Yo’s assault on Saturday at Whiplash.

Background / the scene:  Picked up TARP’s Zero Hour sandbags.  Dice, I promise that 007 and I tried to get the best 12 we could find.  Grab one sandbag per person from my truck that would be used most of the workout.  Forgot to get the agility ladders so was planning to use cones, but Dice happened to have ladders.  One laid out on left side of the green astro-turf outside of the movies, cones zig-zagged in front of Q Shack, and another ladder across the side near Starbucks….more on this set-up later….let’s do this!

Warm-up:  GM x 15; Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way; Windmills x 15; Imperial Walkers x 15; and Arm stretches / loosening up to prep for sandbag assault.

The Thang:

-Curls w/ sandbags x 20

-Jack Webbs using sandbags in 1 merkin 4 overhead press ratio, 2:8, 3:12, etc. up to 7:28…it sucked no doubt, but I had planned them up to 10:40.

-Tricep ext w/ sandbags x 15

-Bent over rows w/ sandbags x 15.

-American Hammers w/ sandbags x 20

-WW2 w/ sandbags x 15

-Flutter w/ sandbags extended straight overhead x 15

-Put bags down for plank walk merkins through first ladder R to L (each time your hand hits a new square of the ladder, it’s a merkin).  Sure glad we folded Dice’s ladder in half as it was about 30 feet fully extended.  Once through the first ladder, bear crawl cone to cone until you reach the 3rd ladder.  Plank walk merkins L to R through this ladder.

-Head to Double Fountain area for:  Rd 1: Double jump-ups with no bag or double step-ups with bag (depending on type of injury, do what you can) x 15 and Derkins x 20.  Rd 2: Double step-ups with bag x 12 and Irkins x 12.  Rd 3: Double step-ups with bag x 10 and Irkins x 10.  Rd 4: Double step-ups with bag x 8 and derkins x 8.  Return to astro turf.

-Squats w/ sandbags x 15

-Alternating L/R lunges w/ sandbags x 10

-Curls w/ sandbags done as 21s (7 low to midpoint, 7 from midpoint to chest, and 7 full….TARP special).

-Overhead presses w/ sandbags x 15

-Tricep extensions w/ sandbags x 15

-Bent over row w/ sandbags x 15

-American Hammers w/ sandbags x 20 – was going to cut this one down until King David said if it’s on the card you have to go with what’s on the card!  Who am I to defy F3 management?  We did 20

-WW2 w/ sandbags x 10 OYO

-Flutter kick w/ sandbags extended straight overhead pressing them while fluttering in cadence x 15

-Repeat plank walk and bear crawl ladder routine same as above.  Tiger Beat got EC by bear crawling one more set back to first ladder….had to burn off the Burgerfi from Friday night I guess.

-Curls w/ sandbags x 10

-LBCs no bags x 20

-Freddy Mercury x 15 or 20, don’t recall

Finish up with one more Jack Webb up to 5:20

COT:  Flag football April 18.  Check the website for details.  Sign up and then hit Dice’s injured workout the following week to recover.

Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family, King David’s mother having hip replacement, and Peach Pit’s father about to undergo surgery. Thanks to Deliverance for taking us out after being put on the spot by YHC.

Always a pleasure to Q,