EC: CHiPS, Mookie, 187, Dawgpound, Pikachu


Warm up Quick mosey over to the basketball court. SSH X 20 windmill X 20 squat hold Moroccan night club X 20 Fazio arm circles X 20 Jason- clock merkins one o’clock (1 Merkin) move to 4 o’clock ( 4 Merkins) rinse and repeat 4 times Main event
Main Event Part 1 – Seals Have No Legs PAX made there way in the rain through the muddy field near the school to the wall.
1. Partner squat + merkin X 20 rotate Everyone in low merkin hold, sprint through muddy to sidewalk and back.
2. Australian mountain climber, X 20
3. Ascending testicles Regular merkin X 20, 6 inch x 10, 35 inch x 5, 90 degree x 5
4. Seal crawl – partner does 3 star jump burpees and catches partner that is trying to seal crawl through the mud.(bear crawl but dragging feet)
Main event part 2
1. Mosey over to the parking laps where cones are waiting. Partner up to wheelbarrow to each cone. Partner does merkins while other partner runs around lot and back to partner. Wheelbarrow to the next cone and flip keeping track of merkin count. Continue this until the partners have totaled 195 merkins combined.
chilly jacks x 20
American hammers x 20
boat canoe x 20
six inch leg hold x 20
It is always an honor to lead this group. Crazy to believe I have been doing this F3 thing for 4 years.. while I have become stronger, I know it is because if the push from everyone and what continues to bring me back is watching others get stronger.