The day started with 3 Ruckers with a nice little walk about.
Started the main event with a light jog the long way to the track.

SSH 15x
Imperial Walkers 15x
Arm Circles 15x
Reverse Arm Circles 15x
Hillbillies 15x
WMH 10x

Main Event:
Partner carry around the track. Switch as often as needed but on the switch 3 burpees
Bear crawl around the track, partner does walking lunges on the switch 5 merkins
Partner carry around the track on the switch 5 dry docks
Sprint up the hill to Garrett Rd back to the circle for Mary
Bushwood infamous flutter kicks 50x
WWII Oyo 20x

My 1 year anniversary with F3 Churham. Thanks to Avalanche for bringing me in this awesome group of fine gentlemen.

July 23 Rucking the American Tab Trail…22 miles. Come with or without a ruck, meeting M’s and 2.0 at Tobacco Road downtown Durham. Half way point will be South Point mall.