John Chavis Memorial Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places last week.  A significant achievement. Chavis Park has a rich and noteworthy history – built in 1938 through the Work Progress Administration in the midst of the Great Depression as recreation site for African-Americans during the era of segregation and named for John Chavis, a free black man who fought in the Revolutionary War, became a Presbyterian minister and later established a highly-regarded private school in Raleigh attended by both black and white students. This park is a great resource to have at our disposal.  11 men decided to ply their trade again here on Saturday for a little out and back adventure. No Bloomin’ Onions ™ on the menu, but here’s what went down:

The Out

Main Parking Lot:  SSH’s x 29 as we wait on Wendell . . . and wait . . . and wait.  #NoRush

Mosey over to the Tennis Courts to continue the Warmup:  Good Mornings x 12, Plank Jacks x 20 (IC), IW’s x 15 (IC), LBC’s x 20 (IC), Hammers x 20 (IC), WWII’s x 20

Head up to the field for a modified Peacock 400:  split into four groups at each corner of the field.  First group takes off on a sprint to the next corner.  When first group  arrives, the next group takes off on the sprint, and so on until all groups circle the field and return to their starting point.  AMRAP merkin sets in between runs: standard (1st leg), diamond (2nd leg), stagger left (3rd leg), stagger right (4th leg).

Regroup and take off on the run to front of Ligon MS. Find a spot on the low walls for the following:  Single leg squat left x 10 (IC), dips x 15 (IC), single leg squat right x 10 (IC), derkins x 20.  Repeato entire set.

Head down to the Ligon football field. Stop along the way to grab a partner and grab a rock for the Carnage at Ligon:  Start at bleachers on opposite side of the field from the Ligon Hill.  P1 starts by doing a set of an exercise, runs to base of the hill for another set of that exercise, makes the designated number of trips up and down the hill, does another set of the exercise at the base of the hill, then sprints back to starting spot.  Meanwhile, P2 is doing a cycle of the following rock exercises:  goblet squats x 12, curls x 12, overhead presses x 12, tricep extensions x 12.  Repeat rock cycle until P1 returns, then flapjack.

  • First set:  burpees x 5 at each stop with 3 trips up and down the hill
  • Second set:  star jumps x 5 at each stop with 2 trips up and down the hill
  • Third set:  hand release merkins x 5 each stop, with 1 trip up and down the hill

The Back

Leave the field, return the rocks and mosey back up to the front of the school for a second dose of the following:  Single leg squats right x 10 (IC), derkins x 20, single leg squat left x 10 (IC), dips x 15 (IC).  Repeato the entire set.

Take off on the run back to the track at Chavis:  due to time constraints, audible to a 200M sprint on the track (in lieu of a Peacock 400 repeat).

Head down to the tennis courts for another round of the following:  WWII’s x 20, Hammers x 20 (IC), LBC’s x 20 (IC), IW’s x 15, Plank Jacks x 20 (IC), GM’s x 12

Finish up in the main lot with SSH’s x 29



  • Next time you are at Chavis, take some time to ponder the significance of the place and the times in which it was built.  If you still have not been there for a workout or otherwise, I encourage you to check it out.
  • Tclaps to Nessman and Tuck for sandwiching an out and back ruck to and from North Hills around this workout as they wind down preparation for their Memorial Day ruck in D.C.
  • Wendell and Quag take home the VT for their impressive display at the hill.
  • Dr. Quinn has some pretty strong wheels for a 19th century medicine woman.  #PrairieFast
  • Yoda’s presence was sorely missed, but #TeamYeah was still out in full force.


  • 3rdF dinner @ Healing Transitions tomorrow evening (5/17).  Information and sign up here.
  • Neighbor To Neighbor has a men’s basketball league starting soon.  Includes fellowship & bible study, followed by organized team games.  Time commitment is approximately 5 – 8:30 on Sundays. Contact Yoda for more info if interested.
  • F3 Dads this Saturday (5/21), Fletcher Park, 9:30 am.  Give your 2.0’s a taste of an F3 workout.  Designed primarily for age range of 3 – 12.
  • Prayers for all guys doing the Memorial Day ruck, for Orwell, for Yoda’s knee and others unspoken.

As always, an honor and a pleasure.  Aye!