14 PAX entered the chilly Gloom this morning for pain before breakfast.

20 Good mornings
20 Windmills
10×2 Sir Fazio Arm Circles
20 Mountain Climbers
Mosey to gravel track for The Thang
Partner up. Partner 1 runs around the track, Partner 2 commences Merkining. When P1 returns he tags P2, they flapjack. Repeat until everyone reaches 100.
Mosey to middle of the soccer field
11s on a half-field with 10 Burpees awaiting at the other end, return for 1 prisoner squat.
Lunge walk across the half-field back to the paved course, Indian run to the tennis courts.
1 set of Sideline suicides (three trips, touching each end line on the two tennis courts)
20 plankjacks.
1 set of Sidelines suicides
20 Dying cockroaches
1 set of sideline suicides
“Balls to the Chair” (YHC had a mouth-exercise disconnect; sincerest apologies to the PAX on the North end of the formation; no charge for the EC). The correct call was People’s chair descending 10 count down the line.
Bear crawl across the Courts to the opposing fence, NOW BTTW, descending 10 count.
Sprint back to the original fence.
1 set of sideline suicides.
Mosey to rockpile.
Everyone grabs their favorite rock, commences:
10 curls, pass rock to the left.
10 presses, pass left.
10 Rows, pass left.
10 Tricep Extensions, pass left.
Repeat, second time around had slower cadence (on purpose, but also because of exhaustion on the part of the cadence counter).
Return to courts for Mary:
10 box cutters
10 WWIIs
25 count American hammers.

1. Healing Transitions fundraiser, see website for details
2. Forum at Panera bread today (May 16, 2016) from Noon to one
3. The Crucible(TM) will proceed as scheduled on Memorial Day, so everybody come out and earn that burger.
4. Opportunities to Q at The Crucible.