YHC was in need of a Q for Mad Mule because the family is making the trip to the beach this weekend! Seems like I’ve been out of town a lot this summer. With that in mind and the schedule open YHC decided to reach out to Laker to see if a Q swap would work. He agreed and YHC was ready to hit the hills in Garner again!

EC: Dirty Pipes arrived at 5:10 to get some EC in for just over 2 miles.

The Thang:

Dynamic warm up SSH, Windmills each 15x in cadence, butt kickers and high knees each 50  yards just in time for Laker to come flying into the parking lot.

Indian Run to Death Valley (Timber Dr.) and stop at the bottom of the hill.

Run to top of the hill Timber/Highway 50 and perform Burpees for the six.

Once six is in: 10 tuck jumps on Q up, Mountain Climbers (BRR) in cadence x10.

Run to lightpole at bottom of hill and back OYO pace. Burpees for the six.

Once six in: 10 Jumping lunges on Q up, Mountain Climbers in cadence x10.

Run to lightpole and back again, Burpees for the six. (By this time Oyster is killing us all and having to do more Burpees each time).

Once six in:10 Smurf Jacks in cadence, Mountain Climbers in cadence x20 (10 more just to mess with their head).

Scout Run back to .2 mile from the flag when Jailbreak called. I need to get my speed back so I can catch Oyster next time!

4 min left for some Mary: WWII, Box cutters, Freddy Mercury, Superman each x10 in cadence and then  Mountain climbers until time ran out 20x in cadence.

Moleskin: No matter what the pace every workout can push the fastest and slowest of the PAX and be an equal challenge for everybody.  Prepare for your Q, do some recon and plan ahead for snags and changes in your plan. Be willing to scrap your plan and go a different route!   Glad to be back in SouthWake!

COT/BOM: Prayers for travel (Oyster), F3 brothers with addiction battles, Crab Legs, Prayers for brothers with treatment, Chelsea and continued MD appointments.

Announcements: SASQUACH! Next Saturday, get up with ENC about the event and how to sign up. Great CSUAP and total distance of around 9-10 miles and 5 pain stations. Last 3 miles is the race for the Sasquach award.

BRR Training ongoing, JOCO has 1 open spot still. If not we will dominate everybody with only 8 PAX.

Decoy has the South Garner High workout on Saturdays near many in JOCO and SouthWake! Support this new location and spread the word! Great location and should be plenty of men in the area that could benefit.

See you in the gloom! AYE!