Slight rain, on and off again. 2 PAX at the ready to better themselves and each other, headed off into the gloom.

Jog around school to rear parking lot.


  • SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Good Mornings x20
  • Oh crap…here comes the rain. Make like an Urban Jungle postee and head for shelter. Grab two rocks first.

The Thang:

  • Harry Callahans (Jack Webbs for your legs. Pure Fungolian genius at play here) Prisoner squats and Monkey Humpers
  • Bear Crawl up and down the stairs
  • Jack Webbs (with Rocks)
  • Bear Crawl up and down stairs

Dirty McDeuce – 4 rounds of fun with bear crawls up and down the stairs after each round

  • Wide grip mericans, prisoner squats, LBCs
  • Diamond mericans, squat jumps, long slow flutta
  • Carolina dry docks, Calf raises on the stairs, Freddie Mercuries
  • Stanerd Mericans, Precision squats, Reverse LBCs

To the top of the stairs and grab some rail. 15s 10s and 5s

  • Irkins x15, dips x15, Derkins x15, Precision squats x30, Monkey Humpers x15
  • Round 2 10 reps each
  • Round 3 5 reps each

Run 3/4 mile dropping off our rock friends along the way.


  • LBCs x50




  • When theres just a few, you get the opportunity to know your brother better. 2nd F mixed in with the 1st F. Thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship this morning.
  • Missing quite a few regulars as of late. Travel, wounds, moves, and other such items have diminished Garner numbers a bit. Lets bring it back next week.
  • For those outside of Garner put the EH on a friend, and come with them. Garner is full of #sadclowns like us in need of F3.
  • Great morning to be in the gloom, despite the drizzle. Skyline named the workout “Death by monkeys” due to the completely unnecessary amount of Monkey Humpers called. YHC can only infer that he’s watched Toy Story 3 a few too many times. Could’ve been Pokemon or something. Toy Story will suffice as acceptable.
  • Skyline turned 30 yesterday. Congrats!!
  • Happy Birthday to Tardy today!