15 men dragged themselves to downtown Cary for Ma Bell’s maiden Q.  Bert’s mouth was in overdrive – until Ma Bell dialed up some long distance pain delivery.

The thang:

Warmup: jog to bank courtyard, good mornings, side straddle hops, forward lunges, backward lunges, box jumps

Pain Train: jog to Herb Young community center to the bottom of the hill followed by Jacob’s ladder backup the hill (5 x buprees at the top, 10 x merkins at the bottom), plank-o-rama, then over to town hall for some dips, incline merkins, and alternating right/left step ups followed by Mary in the 45 degree grass.  After an ivy-covered bridge to nowhere when Ma Bell took a wrong turn, we jogged our way over to a parking lot for the beast – 6 exercises at 6 stations 6 times.  We got in half a beast before time forced us back to the flag 6 x run/merkins, 6 x karaoke/star jumps, 6 x backward run / dying cockroaches.  After a brisk run – infused with butt kickers and karaokes – back to the flag, the wind cried Mary again and we finished it off with some last minute ab work.

COT: reminders for the mule (Callihan, Banjo, Rip Tide, Ollie, and Ma Bell from this group are in). Prayer request for Wonk’s wife and pending baby

It was my pleasure, men.  Thanks for enduring the pain.