Day 0001 15 men.  It rained for 40 days, and the Brier Creek landing spot does not drain well .  And in fact, Brier Creek (actual) flows through or on the Park.  We’ve asked Birkenstock to file a report.  With a field like a squishy diaper and the shovel flag (actual) planted…

The shovel flag arrives from Bearing Zero Heavy Land....
The shovel flag arrives from Bearing Zero Heavy Land….
You see--some guy named Uncle Dredd first thought of taping Old Glory to a shovel.
You see–some guy named Uncle Dredd first thought of taping Old Glory to a shovel.

The Thang:

Long-ish run out of the parking area , up the street of no name, back through the elementary school staging area, parking lot, by way of the spot where Coach Doherty nearly froze to death a few weeks ago, throught the scene of the ice slip’n fall from some weeks ago, returning to the brutally squishy field with absolutely no light.  Enter Epoxy who has taken a keen interest in spelunking and apparently is ready for GoRuck.  Let there be light.

Warm Up: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles (Order of the British Empire & Knights of Saint George),

First Evolution: Standard Mericans, Air Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, L/R Lunges, Wide Mericans, Dan Jansens, Diamond Mericans, Squat Hold Jumps, Standard Mericans, Squat Hold Jumps

Second Evolution: Proto-Jacobs Ladder: Group 2 descends the muddy non-hill twice; Group 1 max burpees in place; flapjack (X4)

Third Evolution: Series of Restful and Contemplative Mary. Largely intended to embrace the standing water and the mud.    LBCs and Supermans.

Fourth Evolution: Proto-Beast: Group 1 does 10 mericans at each bradford peartree on the sidewalk (imagine the lines) on the way out and 5 at each line on the turn…Group 2 does Plankarama (lead by TARP)

Fifth Evolution: Series of Not Restful and Not Contemplative Mary lead by Coach Doherty, who apparently is still wondering what might have been had Joe Forte not gone to the D-League: Box Cutters (these were unknown to your humble correspondent; imagine if Dolly, Rosalita and Heels to Heaven merged); Dolly; Russian Hammers

COT lead by TARP.

Notes on the Banks of Brier Creek: We took a shovel flag out there.  We presented it.  There is a community of men that has existed happily but unknown to F3 somewhere between the Angus Barn and Bullock’s Barbecue.  We found some good men who took a leap of faith to meet strangers in a park in the rain one morning before dawn.  It was fitting that CK and Tee Square were there because almost exactly 2 years ago, they did the same thing.  Just like that day in March 2012, cold, wet, no one quits.  Thanks, too, for Heavy Metal boys like Mister Rogers (from the neighborhood), Horshack, the Nard (ahheemm), and Epoxy for being part of the launch.  And TARP, well, as you can imagine, TARP is down for whatever.  Look up “Can Do” in the dictionary and TARP jumps off the page and punches you right in the mouth, cuts a joke and grabs a col’ reeb…And Mister Rogers?  Great American.  Did it all in a cardigan sweater with puppets and model trollies and such.  Did I mention Mister Rogers is a great and memorable American who was  a stalwart on the field the other day….Mister Rogers.  Great.  Person.  True.

These seven "new new FNGs" kicked off  F3's cold plant on the banks of Brier Creek.
These seven “new new FNGs” kicked off F3’s cold plant on the banks of Brier Creek…

Force is Strong with These Men: Brier Creek is only as good as the men who make it their own, and, fortunately for all of us, the men out there are strong and solid.  They have the flag.  Smart money says their flags will multiply in short order.

That’s it.