Another fine Thursday morning-conditions were excellent.  14 Pax gathered on the beach ready for a great session and start their day right.-  NO FNG’s so at 5:45 we headed out and this is what came back:

Warm up- Lap around the Dawn Patrol beach for last minute gear checks, settle breathing patterns and calm nerves- all good so we circled up:

SSH x 25

Good Mornings x 15

Windmills x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Mountain climber x 20

Hold Plank


The Thang:

Gather at bottom of Parking lot- split the sides and this is how it went down.

Run up the parking lot past the 1st island stop-Burpees x 5

Return run to bottom stop-Star jumps x 5

Run up the other side of parking lot past the 1st island stop- merkins x 5

Run back to bottom and plank until all Pax finish – Recover.

Round 2

Repeat the process starting at bottom

Run past 1st island stop-Burpees x 10

Run to bottom stop-star jumps x 10

Run up other side of lot past island merkins x 10

Run to bottom and plank until all Pax finish

Round 3

Repeat island hopping and exercises x 15 -Plank until Pax finish

Round 4

Repeat x 10

Round 5

Repeat x 5

Everybody feeling good so lets Indian Run- Run out of Dawn Patrol to Edwards Mill to Glen Eden- continue run on Glen Eden to rock pile- grab a rock-circle up

Curls x 20

overhead press x 20

rock squat x 20

Pass rock to your fellow Pax on right

Curls x 10 or 15 (I forget)

overhead press x 10 or 15?

Rock squat x 10, 15?

Return rocks and start the run home.  Cut down the green way and made our way to the soccer field.

Bear crawl across soccer field/run back.

Return run back to the beach- circle up


Heels to Heaven x 20

Rosalitas x 20



F3 Dads this Saturday – Check for rain date if none its on!  9;30 Fletcher Park

Haven House-Corn Hole this Sunday at Trophy Brewing 12:30- 2 Teams needed.  $50 bucks per team- tons of beer, food trucks, raffle tix and supports a great cause.  McGruber and Franzia have been working hard for this.  Make it happen if you can.

Q’s- All sites need Q’s  Step up and help lead.

Prayer Request;


Mayhem led us out -graciously asking our Lord to guide us all in his world.  Thank you sir.

Pleasure to post with a bunch gnarly dudes this morning-  Great way to start the day,  thank you for allowing me the honor to lead.