Drafted by Dieter, Posted by Money Hose

Ten guinea pigs showed up this morning at Ball Bearings on a dark and misty morning to witness a virgin Q, Dieter, try to keep moving while also counting (maybe the hardest part of Q duty!). Fungo was more of a Funstop as he left before the workout to make an early morning meeting! To his credit he had just finished some pre-prep GoRuck training with a few of the more dedicated and early risers.


Neighborhood run with burpee sets (3X10), side shuffle hop (25), imperial walkers (15), mountain climbers (15)


4 sets of mini jump-ups (20 ea) interleaved with 4 sets of merkans (10 ea of right hand on curb, left hand on curb, spiderman, fingertip)

Dragonwalk to House O’ Cats

[someone introduced this at Heavy Metal a while ago – thought it was cool, but good form is hard]

4 sets of leg exercises done by one group while other group does below (people’s chair, squats, forward lunge, backward lunge)

4 sets of sprint to hill, get down hill*, sprint backwards up hill**, jog back to House O’ Cats

*bear crawl forward, crab walk forward, bear crawl backward, crab walk backward

**Inspired by pro paddle boarder, Dave Kalama, who includes backwards sprint up 50 yd sand dune in his crazy workout

Group run in two lines, rotating back two guys forward in sprint – must be a name for this, inspired by my son’s soccer coach


Windshield wipers (25), Russian hammer (15), Rosalita (15), standard merkans (10), widegrip merkans (10), frozen v-sit (5 count around the circle

[threw in the merkans and maybe something I forgot to get our money’s worth as otherwise was finishing early]