Much to the disappointment of the 6 man PAX the super moon would hide behind the rain clouds for the morning beat down. The moon may have been hidden but the pain was going to be visible. Let’s get to work.

Side bends

Jog around parking lot to the street. Line up in the middle of the road facing a curb. Bear Crawl to the curb, erkin x1. Crawl Bear back to the other side, derkin x2. Repeat this till we reached derkin x10. Run up towards Great Meadow stopping somewhere on the middle so the Pax could complete a traveling burpee/bear crawl to the top of the hill. Mumble chatter about burpees. Line up again facing the curb and lunge walk to opposite side, squat x1. Backwards lunge to other curb, squat x2. Repeat this curb to curb exercise all the way to squat x10. Partner up in the pavilion parking lot, promises were made not to do wheel barrows. Teams would need to complete a total of burpees in this fashion… 1 pax member would plank the other would high jump over partners legs and complete burpee, switching when need be. Double time it to Pollard snack shack, assume the position, Balls to the wall. Mutiny occurred when YHC started the count at 20 and rest of PAX would only do a 10 count, YHC would remember that. Peoples chair, again mutiny, again YHC remembers. Time to anti-up, Bear Crawl down the path to the bottom of the hill to Pollard parking lot. Time’s up, sprint back to home base. Good job!

no time

Planning for the next 2nF at THB, Habitat For Humanity 12/17

Everybody touch somebody….
Real change does not happen without discomfort. Nice work today. Go out and make a difference in your community. Till the next time we meet in the gloom, Aye!