It was misty when YHC walked out into the gloom this am. Perfect weather for some midweek exercise. Probably keep some of the weak PAX home and allow some of the thoroughbreds to come out and strut their stuff, YHC thought to himself…Once everyone arrived, it was pretty close to the case.

16 mighty stallions…actually, 15 and Callahan. Sorry partner. Jog down and around to other parking lot. 15x gm’s, 15xmc’s, 12xmerkens, 20x SFAC’s. jog on down and around to street intersection. Partner up. Partner darkens, 10x each at a time, 40 total. Jog up to big shelter. P1 6 inch leg hold whilst P2 jogs around parking lot and back around. Flapjack. Repeato for a total of 2x each. Jog down to Buehler shelter. P1’s Hammers while P2 jogs around lot. Largemouth seemed to have a little extra today….as did Grease…but I digress. Flapjack and repeat 2x. Jog down to boat house to find a prize winning cupcake YHC’s M had baked for the winner of the next element. It had a soccer ball topper taboot. P1 jog back up to lot and bearcrawl up to the top. P2 WWII SU’s. Flapjack and repeat 2x. Jog up to round about for 20x merkens. Double file indian run back to start and 40xlbc’s.

good work by all today. Burt was missed with a back issue.