Aye, 9 PAX made it out to the soon to be famous Crucible site at Williams Park.

WARM-UP: Good Mornings x 15, SSH x 30, Windmills x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20

Since Au-Pair was not there to warm up Orwell. We  took a jog around the trail one and half times (.53 miles) to get the blood flowing. Stopping halfway on the second lap after discovering rocks. We encountered  a slight delay though trying to find Cinderella a rock worthy enough to take to the next round of pain.

Not sure what to call this but “these things” and “those things” seemed to work. Pax takes their rock and squats in cadence with rock on the ground and then presses rock overhead for a count of one. Next put rock on ground in squat position and in cadence squat jump for count of one. These and Those x 20.

Curls x 20, Overhead Presses x 20

Back to These and Those x 15

Jog back over to the Crucible cones for a litte BEAST action.

Forget about 6-6-6. We went for 6-6-6-6-6-6

6 Cones, 6 Count at each cone up and back = 72. Excercises were burpees, russian hammer, carolina dry docks, squats, merkins, and star jumps.

Decided a warm down jog around the trial was needed so off we went.


 It was cool to have Kayne leave Kim long enough to join us at the Crucible. Nice work today and look forward to posting at the banks of Brier Creek soon.

GORUCK informational meeting this Thursday at Players Retreat. 7:30PM.

Cinderalla is soon to be launching a new Wednesday workout at Moore Square / Raleigh Rescue Mission. More info to follow.

Strong work today, PAX. Thank-you for allowing me to Q on such a glourious Monday Morning!