Thursday Jan. 2nd 2014

5:15pm – Crotch Rocket packs his shoes, shorts, #calfcondoms and pullover. 5:30pm – Kisses his M goodbye and heads from CLT to Raleigh.

5:45pm – En route calls Maize to chit-chat and find out which Friday workout he should attend. Maize raves about how new Flood Zone work out is great.

CR – Wheres the site ?

M – Crabtree Valley Mall parking garage 0515 extra credit, 0530 #fartsackersdelight

CR – Great, see you there

M – Adios Amigo

CR – Aye! Adios hermano!

Friday Jan. 3rd 2014

5:00am – Crotch Rocket awakes to a 25 degree day, 20 MPH winds and thinks to himself ” Shoot! good thing I have my #deerdisguise

5:25am – While waiting with #fartsackersdelight group he decides to pretend he is an FNG

5:30am – 515 group (4) runs by to pick up 530 group (8) and it all began…

Welcome to the Flood Zone Backblast. Lets Do This!

Pick up on the run, warm up begins with Z sprints around the columns

Circle up for… Warm-Up

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial walkers x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Flutter Kicks x 20

As Utah attempts to give disclosure,  “FNG” CR jaw jacks throughout warm-up with Bob Villas borrowed hat on and #deerdisguise hood up. Utah begins to jaw jack back and realizes this so called “FNG” hooded figure is actually Jimmy Cochett, BS ends and the pain begins…  Man Ram arrives

Side shuffle sprint zig-zagging through columns to east stairs, up 4 flights to top shelf where the wind is whipping.

Time to Paint the Lines… PAX paint the lines down length of Belk building where apparently CR decided to use his uncovered knees to assist in his burpees in-between line sprints…

bleeding knee

#camelbush move

PAX plank at end of building (rest of workout can be retraced as CR left a trail of blood behind)

Jog up stairs to Gold Level Deck for… #employeeparkingonly 

PAX line up in plank position for various plank exercises x 15  one PAX at a time sprints to outside wall and back

  • HPH
  • Nipplers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Peter Parkers
  • Putin
  • Sarkozy
  • LPH
  • Chilcutt
  • HPH

Jog to west gold level for… Leaps and Bounds

Each exercise done as fast as possible until the lines run out

  • Broad Jumps
  • High Knees
  • Bear Crawl
  • Bounding
  • Crab Walk
  • Sprint

Jog down stairs to the ramp up and… Find a spot on the wall

  • Super Derkins x 15
  • Super Ierkins x 15
  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Squat Walk across ramp to opposite wall
  • Reverse Squat Walk back
  • Super Derkins x 15
  • Super Ierkins x 15
  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Bear Crawl across ramp
  • Reverse Bear Crawl

Recover on Jog under some cargo trucks to circle up for… Mary

  • LBCs x 20
  • Reverse LBCs x 20
  • WW2 Sit – Ups x 20
  • Homer to Marge x 20
  • Paddling – In
  • Duck Dives
  • Stance w/ WIPEOUTS!

COT minus name-o-rama #utahfail

Announcements –

  • GORUCK 2014 Challenge Date set  – May 3rd , Mark your calendars formal announcement and schedule on your way soon!
  • Kettle Bell workout has begun…Wednesdays 530 @ Ball Bearings
  • Order your Kettle Bell right now … Right HERE!
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make someone elses year great and bring them out to F3!

Utah out.