Some days are easier to get up than others. Today was not easier. Not that I would have made EC, of which 4 Pax were there it looked awful, I have been a single parent of three for a few nights and it is tiring! I have the most respect for any single parents in this world. I am reminded of this only periodically as the M does not go out of town without us often. That said, here we go:

Warm Up SSH x20, Windmill x12, Air Squat – slow count 10 as there would be many to follow, Mtn Climbers x 20, CDD x10, Arm Circles& reverse

The Thang – last week 2Ply had us think about our site and what all we needed and it made me think we were only looking at part of the site. While we very much need a pull up bar (at least YHC needs one), we ventured to Wooodcroft to show additional options available at The Falcon. With varying pace, mixing in butt kickers, high knees and arms above are head we traveled the mile to Woodcroft fields ( oh ad 5 stops along the way for 10 single count merkins)

Bear Crawl the Beach Volleyball court (not actually beach but slightly more sand than grass) 50 air squats
Crawl Bear on the beach – 50 air squats

Wheel Barrow the soccer field – switch if necessary 50 squats and then switch and wheel barrow back to the other end – 50 squats

Mosey over to the hill by tennis courts
Hop Bunny (bunny hop backwards) up the hill x2 – 50 Squats
Bear crawl then crawl bear up hill – 50 Squats

Mosey back with varying speed to the parking lot with 5 stops again for merkins

40 Flutters – Cooter
20 Heels to Heaven – Striker (2.0)
20 LBCs – Driftwood
20 Russian Hammers – Amphibious

7PM tonight June 9th at Top of the Hill – meeting with SEALs and Green Berets
Special thanks to those that were able to stay and pick up trash – don’t worry if you missed as we will continue throughout June!

Kia was supposed to take us out and I forgot after I realized we need to do Name-o-rama – which I had also had forgotten.
Is there any exercise harder than a crawl bear up a hill???